Hirotaka Izumi started playing piano at a young age, but after listening to Bill Evans, he decided to dedicate his time to becoming a jazz pianist, and since then has piled up a great discography doing studio recordings supporting other artists.

In 1982 he joined the top fusion group The Square (now known as T-Square). As a keyboard player, composer and arranger, he worked during the band’s heyday, participating in more than thirty albums with the group.
His masterpieces such as “Takarajima” and “Omens of Love” were arranged for wind instrument ensembles and have become standard songs among wind orchestras in every high school and local society across Japan.
They continue to be performed to this day.

In 1988 he released his first album as leader called “Amoshe” and released his first solo album “Forgotten Saga” in 1997.

He also produced work for other artists and soundtracks for television and video games.
Izumi currently performs with the groups Pyramid with Yuji Toriyama and Akira Jimbo, The Water Colors with Hiroshi Yoshino and Masaharu Ishikawa, and Hiromitsu with Mitsuru Sutoh.

He has also released three albums as a solo pianist called “Complete Solo Piano Works” which features all of his works.

[Hirotaka Izumi Album Collection]

Apr. 2002 ”6to10morning”,”18to22evening” (piano solo)
Oct. 2002 ”14to18afternoon”,”22to26midnight” (piano solo)
Oct. 2003 ”A Timeless Road”(piano solo)
Jun. 2004 ”A Promised Movement” (piano solo)
Nov. 2005 ”Hirotaka Izumi covers LOVE SONGS” (piano solo)
Jun. 2007 ”Lights In A Distance” (trio)
Apr. 2008 ”A SQUARE SONG BOOK” (trio)
May. 2008 LIVE CD “LIVE 0221”
Sep. 2008 LIVE DVD “LIVE 0801”
Dec. 2008 ”Beyond The River” (trio)
Dec. 2009 ”NOSTARSIA” (trio)
Dec. 2009 ”Day Light”, “Moon Light” (piano solo)
Dec. 2010 ”Forever Purple” (piano solo)
Jun. 2012 The Water Colors “Shinayakana Kaze” (trio)
Aug. 2012 ”Hirotaka Izumi covers SOUNDTRACKS” (piano solo)
May. 2013 Duo LIBRA “a dedication” (duo)
Jul. 2014  HiroMitsu “6 on 224” (duo)
Nov. 2015 The Water Colors “a return of saga” (trio)
Aug. 2016 HiroMitsu “WIDE & FULL” (duo)
Sep. 2018 PYRAMID “PYRAMID4” (trio)
Oct. 2019 ”Complete Solo Piano Works I” (piano solo)
Jan. 2020 ”Complete Solo Piano Works II” (piano solo)
Dec. 2020 ”Complete Solo Piano Works III” (piano solo)
Sep. 2021 Memorial Remastering Series “Lights In A Distance” (trio)
Sep. 2021 Memorial Remastering Series “A Square Song Book” (trio)
Sep. 2021 Memorial Remastering Series “Beyond The River” (trio)
Sep. 2021 Memorial Remastering Series “Hirotaka Izumi covers NOSTARSIA” (trio)
Sep. 2021 Memorial Remastering Series “LIVE 0221” (trio)
Mar. 2022 DUO LIBRA a dedication -Remastered Edition-
Aug. 2022 ”Unforgotten Saga” / Izumi Hirotaka & Friends